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Infinite Pool

class locuaz.pools.BinPool(input_set: Iterable[int])[source]

Bases: InfinitePool

InfinitePool specifically tailored for ints. Used to represent the indices of the amino acid bins when selecting them for mutation creation.

classmethod from_size(size: int) BinPool[source]
class locuaz.pools.InfinitePool(input_set: Iterable[T])[source]

Bases: Generic[T]

Self-replacing set. It takes a set to initialize itself, and then it will only be empty when the last element has been picked. Future accesses will reset it to the original set.

difference_update(other: Set) None[source]
discard(item) None[source]
force_reset() None[source]
pick() T[source]
pool: Set[T]
pop() T[source]
reservoir: Set[T]