Using DLPacker based mutators

If you wish to used DLPacker based Mutators (dlp and dlpr), DLPacker weights have to be downloaded. Get them over here or ` here`_. These weights have to be extracted to a dedicated folder and its path has to be specified in the input config under the paths key, on the mutator option.

locuaz.mutators module

locuaz.basemutator module

locuaz.mutatordlp module

locuaz.mutatordlpr module

The dlpr mutator uses DLPacker to reorient the side-chains of the residues that are within a certain distance of the mutated position. To adjust this distance use the config['mutation']['reconstruct_radius'] option. Notice that non-standard residues and cysteins that are forming sulfide bridges will be excluded from this reorientation.

locuaz.mutatorevoef2 module